Initial Consultation Meeting

All counseling services start with an initial consultation meeting. The student’s current high school transcript and any standardized test scores should be sent in advance of the meeting. The counselor will review general college admissions guidance and will discuss what college admissions officers look for in applications. After the initial consultation, college counseling services are available as detailed below.

College Counseling Services

Comprehensive counseling services are offered to provide students with personalized guidance on college planning, selection, and applications. Families may choose any or all of the services below, or can request hourly services. Please contact for current rates.

Services offered:

1) College planning and priority setting. Personal meeting to assess the student’s list of priorities for college selection and to develop a student admissions profile to guide college research. The counselor also will provide college visit checklists to make the most of college tours, as well as resources to help the student effectively research colleges on their own.

2) Counselor research to develop a draft college list. Extensive counselor research will be conducted to develop a draft list of at least 10 “best match” colleges that fit the student’s priorities and admissions profile. This service includes a student meeting with the counselor to review the draft college list and outline next steps.

3) Counselor advising on final college list. Advising the student to help finalize the “best match” college list by fall of senior year, including input on the admissions likelihood for each college on the list. After this meeting, the counselor will develop a customized application timeline for the student and offer recommendations on whether to apply early decision or early action to any colleges on the final list.

4) Application assistance: Guidance on developing a student resume and on completing college applications to highlight student achievement.